A Very Custom Shower With A 'Chipped' Edge Glass Enclosure




When Diana contacted us about her master bathroom remodel, she wanted to explore the options for enlarging her shower and making it much nicer than it was.

Diana's wish list included making the shower larger, having a bench, a wall niche and a significant upgrade to the existing showering experience. 



The original shower was typical builder grade. Nothing exciting. A chrome framed shower surround with obscured pebble glass, a single shower head and square glazed ceramic tile on the walls. Not even a shampoo shelf.


A glimpse of what is behind the walls in order to bring a multi-function showering system to life.  



A closer look at the 'chipped' edge of the euro-style shower enclosure. An edge like this is created by hand, our glass fabricator created a full-sized template of the edges for Diana's approval. Then the glass is ordered, and cut by hand to create the design, followed by hours of polishing, then the whole thing is sent off for glass tempering to make it safe.  


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