Welcome to our online application

The following are the steps that you will complete
 to apply for the position offered

  • Step #1) 
    Fill out entire online application questionaire - this form will ask for your personal information, job history and some basic questions about yourself.
  • Step #2)
    After submitting the online application you will be taken to step 2, which is a general construction knowledge test. This online test asks you to answer basic and specific questions to test your knowledge of construction.
  • Step #3
    After submitting your general construction knowledge test, you will be taken to the final step which is a skills self assessment form. You will rate your skill levels at specific construction tasks. 

* Please note that the online application process consists of completing all 3 steps. 

Any partial submissions such as only filling out the application questionaire without completing the general construction knowledge test or the skills self assessment form will not be processed. Your application will be automatically deleted and you will not be able to be considered for the position available.


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