1970s Updated Master Bathroom



(after) Master Bathroom 


Ron and Glenda wanted to update their 70s style master bathroom. They were ready to upgrade from the plastic shower and bathtub surrounds to something much nicer. Just one item on the wish list was a bigger, deeper bathtub to replace the small one they have put up with for years. New nickel fixtures and for certain to remove the carpet flooring.

Shower (before) 

 The new framing for the rounded soffit and the shower itself 



The New Shower

One big issue with old shower was a recessed ceiling that had always trapped moisture and caused problems and concern for the homeowners. 

We redesigned the new shower ceiling to drop down with a nice rounded soffit front. The new design not only looked better, but allowed moisture laden hot air to roll out of the shower and into the rest of the room where the new exhaust fan could do it's job and remove this moisture from the room.

Four body jets were added to the shower, a new custom niche for soaps and conditioners, a matching nickel grab bar was installed on the back wall, a new light in the shower ceiling.. A new low maintenance tile floor completes the design.


Bathtub (before) 

New framing 
installed for new bathtub

The new deeper and wider soaking tub


The old painted cabinets, Formica counter tops
New white cabinets, custom tile counter tops with nickel Moen faucets, new lighting and medicine cabinets.


Here is a good view that shows the old wall removed on the left and the old window that we replaced with glass block.


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